If you are still continuing with your cannabis smoking then perhaps it will be worth reading this small article. Many people have now switched to vaping because they found that vaporizing is not just healthier as compared to smoking, but it has many other benefits too.

Nowadays, vaping or vaporizing has become quite popular. Lots of research on vaping although is still continuing to find its various long-term health effects, but vaping is usually assumed to be a much healthier and safer alternative to smoking.

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Here are the top five benefits of vaping:

  1. It‘s much healthier

Vaporizers can offer a much healthier and purer experience as it will heat cannabis to a point where it will cause evaporation of cannabinoids without causing its plant matter to get burnt.

By smoking, you burn marijuana and the smoke created may contain 88% non-cannabinoid particles, hence only a very smaller fraction will make it into your smoke and the majority of cannabinoids will get destroyed by heat, and only potentially harmful particles will be left.

  1. It can save money in the longer run

A few reports suggest that vaporizers are 30 to 40% more efficient in comparison to smoking. So, less cannabis will be needed for getting the same effect as smoking.

So, you will consume a much lesser amount of cannabis and over some time you can save a substantial amount of cannabis and recover the cost of your vaporizer. So, you can just imagine how much money you can save in a year by vaping instead of smoking.

  1. No more smelly smoke

Unlike smoking, vaporizing will not produce such a thick and clinging smoke because no tar or any other chemicals present during vaping that will produce any smelly ash or smoke.

Your home will no longer be stinking with the smell of smoke, and it will add stealth because the vapor will not travel much before disappearing. This is a distinct advantage if you are interested to get high while vaping.

  1. Easy to dose

As compared to a few other methods of consuming cannabis, a vaporizer will allow for excellent control of the dosage. It is much easier to reach high if you want.

Nowadays, many modern convection type vaporizers available that can evenly vaporize the herb by not destroying it as combustion does. Now, you can ensure that you will get the most from your cannabis.

  1. The stealth factor

Using a vaporizer especially a vape pen can be very discreet, which you can easily hide if you have to do so.

Most vape pens also look like e-cigarettes, therefore you can have a nice vaping session openly without anyone noticing. You can get high while on the move.

It is a little high initial short-term investment but if you can afford it, then it is your solid investment and you will not regret it.