Cannabidiol, which is more commonly called CBD has taken by storm the complete health world in the last few years. Now it is also extending its way in the beauty market as these days you can find many products like face masks or bath bombs.

The popularity of CBD can be attributed to its several beneficial effects. CBD is anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, and a neuroprotectant, and can help in treating several conditions, like pain, anxiety, seizures, and various skin conditions. Also, it is promoted as safe and non-intoxicating having minimal side effects.

One issue with CBD is, however, that if it is taken by mouth, then it has poor bioavailability, which means our body cannot easily absorb it. The WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that just 6% of CBD only is absorbed if CBD is taken orally.

Due to this reason, many CBD companies have developed many topical products that can be applied to our skin directly. Here in this writeup, we will try to look at one product that is called CBD roll on, which you can get from a reputed CBD dispensary called JustCbdStore.

How CBD roll-on will work?

As you know, inflammation and pain are the various responses of our body to certain infections, external injuries, trauma, or any internal genetic changes.

All such responses can immediately occur or sometimes gradually but may last for quite a long time and can also become a chronic problem. Usually, the acute immediate response may occur after an injury and that is the initial response of our body that is associated with many different changes in those affected areas.

Such changes may relate to our blood vessel expansion, blood and fluid protein accumulation where the injury has taken place, and also the migration of various immune cells, apart from releasing of agents that may promote inflammation.  Few such pro-inflammatory agents can be

  • Cytokines
  • Lymphokines
  • Histamine.

Various combinational effects of all such processes, together with the pro-inflammatory agents’ release can cause pains, soreness, and also swelling after any kind of injury or even intense workout. Our pain receptors present in the brain may also get activated after any injury or trauma that can also enhance the pain sensation.

Chronic inflammation is also related to ‘oxidative stress’, which is a process in that ‘free radicals’ will be released as a form of by-products of metabolism and start damaging the cells.

All these free radicals are actually singlet oxygen radicals, which are missing a certain electron, which will make them highly unstable. For becoming stable, they will attack DNA and healthy cells to capture an electron.

When cells will lose an electron, then they will become unstable, and as a result, it will set up a cycle of destruction, which will result in a state called ‘oxidative stress.’ Even this process is related to chronic pain, inflammation, and many other such disease conditions.

When you select any CBD roll-on spray product, then you must carefully review the website of the manufacturer to understand their method of extraction, their commitment towards quality, and safety information.