Workplace accidents cost a lot in terms of employee compensation and lost production. Be it fatal or non-fatal accidents, they can be easily prevented with few best practices. Though it is practically not possible to nullify the accidents at the workplace, the percentage of death and accidents can largely be reduced with these simple preventive measures.

Prime Reason for Slips, trips, and falls

A workplace can be termed unsafe to work if there are no precautionary measures taken to prevent possible accidents. Keeping the workplace clean and tidy is the primary reason for most of the accidents that occur on the work floor.

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Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents

  • High-Quality Floor mats

This is the first action you must take towards curbing workplace accidents. A normal floor will cause slips and trips even if there is water spillage. Installation of highly durable floor mats can absorb the moisture and makes the place instantly dry.

You can also think about placing a high-quality entrance mat, which does not allow anyone to enter with dirt or debris. This can be cost-effective than the former idea.

  • Mats with Drainage Capability

In places where spillage or leakage is common, you can opt for such mats that drain the water instantly. The wet area floor mats are of immense importance in places where usage of oil, water, or chemicals are used. Also, some mats are made of grease-resistant materials that will drain the water automatically.

  • Anti-fatigue Mats

Another reason for trips and falls is fatigue. This is mainly due to exerted stress on your legs. Using anti-fatigue mats can not only benefit one health-wise, but it also reduces accidents majorly. Prolonged standing can cause serious discomfort and leads to loss of concentration. This might cause accidents and those are dangerous in magnanimity.

  • Proper Taping of Mats for Visibility

It is better to give a clear pathway for the employees as they walk through the workplace. A well-lit passage can avoid a lot of trips and slips. It is suggested to use high visibility floor mats to avoid such instances.

Alternatively, anti-slip tapes can also help in showing the right direction of movement for no slippage. Guiding workers to walk freely can increase production levels too.


The workplace needs to be organized to prevent any such disasters. The floor mats are of primary need for any workplace to prevent any accidents. It is estimated that $2billion was spent on Non-fatal accidents in the year 2018. Most of them began with a mere slip and ended up in catastrophe. Follow these tips to create a safe work environment and reduce the occurrence of accidents.