Whether you want to renovate your home or a knock-down rebuild, you have to consider many factors during home improvements. They include block configuration, cost of building, council permits, and more. If you want to know more about demolition and rebuild, this article is for you.

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About knockdown rebuild

This process involves demolishing your home and using the same block to construct a new one. By this, you can stay in your colony with a new home. It is considered an affordable option compared to the extension or renovation of the existing home.

Is rebuilding worthy?

Many people want to consider moving from the existing home, but they remain in the locality or suburb due to various reasons like accessibility to school, office, shopping, etc. In such a case, rebuilding is an ideal option. By this, you can create a better space, add more chambers, redesign outdoor space, and make other changes that you like.

Benefits of a knockdown rebuild

  • Stay in the same block or location
  • Less risky
  • Choose your favorite design
  • Control of the house structure
  • Adds functionality

Things to consider when rebuilding the existing house

Knock-down rebuilding is not only affordable but also easier too if you find to choose the best builder. Here is a list of few elements to consider:

Get permission for a knock-down rebuild

Each council will have a few rules and regulations, which you should follow before starting the work. To rebuild the home, you should get the demolition permission and development certificate. The local council will provide the requirement list to get the approval.

Also, they provide the heritage property list in your locality. If your home is on the list, they may deny your approval. You can seek the help of a professional builder to get the approvals.

Get quotes and choose the right builder

Before making a decision, get quotes from a few registered builders. Go through the online reviews, get referrals, and compare the costs. Also, talk to them regarding the planning process, design, and other things to choose the right one within your budget.

Make a plan

It is an exciting step in the whole process. Planning is most important, especially when constructing a house. A professional builder will provide a design consultant, who provides a design that meets your needs and council regulations like the distance between fence and building, distance from the street to the house, and others.


Your builder will keep the proper safety measures to dismantle your house. You should be at the site during the process. After the knockdown, your builder will start the work.

Although the process of knock-down rebuild seems to be daunting, it is more enjoyable by choosing the best builder. Many builders offer the service of an expert team, choose the best one, and get your quote today.

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