The real question is when you should wear your first bra.

You need to change your bra if you feel pain in your chest or feel the breast tissues slipping around.

 If you are wearing clothes and your nipple is protruding with tops or body-hugging shirts, it is time to buy your first Bra. Be patient and don’t allow others to pressure you into getting your first bra.

Problems With Neck And Back

Experts differ on whether plunge bras that are too tight can cause neck or back pain. While some studies do not show that it is related, others indicate that large breasts are more susceptible to wearing a bra with insufficient support. This may cause posture problems and pain.

Breast Pain

Your breasts can quickly become irritated if they are exposed to your cups or are squished into the armpits.

Nipple Pain

A major reason why nipples hurt is friction. Friction. A bra that is either too loose or too tight can result in irritated and chafed skin.

Skin Issues

Poor support can cause breasts to sag, which can result in stretch marks that last a lifetime. Over time, the straps may dig into your skin, creating grooves in your shoulders.


Your bra could be the reason you’re experiencing head pains that are hard to explain. Headaches can be caused by tension buildup in your muscles due to a poorly fitting bra.

The Best Fit

For a perfect fit, you should focus on the cups, front band, and straps. The band must be snug enough to stay in place, without sliding, and loose enough for you to easily slip a finger between the skin and it. Be sure to choose straps that aren’t too big for your shoulders. You also want cups that completely cover your breasts.

How To Find Your Ideal Fit

To find the right bra size for you, either visit a retailer that offers measurements or make it yourself. First, measure the circumference of your chest from your breasts. Next, add one whole number to your total. This is the number part for your bra size. Make sure you keep the measuring stick below your shoulder blades. This marks the place where your bra’s strap should be.

Find Your Cup Size

Next, measure how wide your chest is at the top of your nipples. The difference between the measurement of your chest and this measurement will determine your cup size. A one-inch measurement is an A cup. Two inches are B cups, three are C cups, and four are D cups. To make sure your bra fits better, inserts can help you even out the sizes of your breasts.

Sports Bra

For workouts, you need twice the breast support. You should choose a bra that is comfortable and stays on your breasts when you jump, twist, bend, and turn. A bra that is too tight can cause neck pain and even compression, which can lead to numbness in your arms. A bra that rubs on the skin can cause bleeding and chafe, especially around your band. A petroleum jelly, or sports lubricant, can be applied to trouble spots.

When To Say Goodbye

Your bra will last you many years if you take good care of it. You should wash your bra every two to three times so that it doesn’t lose its shape too quickly. Check for underwire stretching or exposed wires that might affect your fit.