Many people now have medical marijuana cards, and for a good reason. Being a cardholder puts you on the right side of often-complicated medical marijuana legislation and ensures access to safe, affordable cannabis.

The application process for a MMJ card is also less difficult than you think. While there are application fees, most people consider them a small price for quick and easy access to high-quality cannabis.

Here are few of the most compelling reasons to apply for a MMJ card in Ohio.

Follow State Law

A medical marijuana Ohio card entitles cardholders to purchase cannabis products from one of the state’s more than 80 dispensaries. Under normal circumstances, patients can only purchase one 30-day supply at a time; however, during COVID-19, cardholders can temporarily purchase a 90-day supply of medical marijuana. Anyone who grows marijuana plants is breaking the law.

Patients under 18 with serious medical conditions may obtain medical marijuana through the assistance of a caregiver.

Cardholders In Possession Have Legal Protection

Regarding legality, it’s also important to consider the legal safeguards of having a medical marijuana card in Ohio.

Having marijuana without a medical card is never a good idea. Marijuana remains an illegal drug on the federal level. That means that if you’re caught without a medical card, you could face steep fines and jail time. A medical marijuana card is a physician’s certification that the individual benefits from controlled cannabis use.

Marijuana That Is Both Safe And Effective

One of the best aspects of having a medical card is the ease with which you can obtain safe and effective marijuana from a dispensary. It is frequently difficult to determine the safety and quality of marijuana purchased from a third party. Furthermore, medicinal marijuana is grown in various ways to address specific medical conditions.

Marijuana purchased from a dispensary is strictly regulated. These regulations ensure that every time a patient makes a purchase, they get top-quality, professionally grown medical-grade cannabis. Patients can even request lab results revealing the precise cannabinoid profile of specific products.

Most dispensaries sell products made from various strains, including Sativa, Indica, and hybrids. Individuals can also choose the THC levels of products, other cannabinoids like CBD or CBC, and even the terpenes profile best suited to their condition when purchasing from a dispensary. Pharmacists are also on hand at dispensaries to assist patients in selecting the best products to treat their condition. This allows patients to fine-tune their therapy while remaining within a safe range of variables.

Obtain A Medical Marijuana Card

As previously stated, there are over 20 conditions that qualify a person for a medical marijuana card. If you have one of qualifying conditions and are looking for a safe, effective alternative to traditional pharmaceutical treatments, register with the Medical Marijuana Registry and make an appointment with an approved physician to receive certification for a medical marijuana card.

Make an appointment with TeleLeaf today to make the process as simple. We will assist you at every step so you can reaping the benefits of your medical marijuana card as soon as possible.

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