According to them, once you use a sex toy, you can’t lose sight of what you want from your partner. Others prefer the more complicated, messy, sometimes only partially satisfying pleasures of a real sex toy. Read our blog for more info.

These are the things you need to know before you purchase sex toys.

1. Do Your Research

As with any purchase, you should be familiar with all aspects of the sexy.

Wand vibrators and Clitoral Stimulators are used to provide external clitoral stimulation. Meanwhile, internal vaginal stimulation is provided by dildos as well as “G Spot” vibrators. There are dual-action toys available, like the “rabbit” style vibrators. These can provide both external stimulation and internal stimulation simultaneously.

2. There Are Many Options for Sex Toys

Sex toys are, like all good things within the realm of pleasure and enjoyment, quite democratic. If your first thought of a sex toy is a big dildo and vibrator, you must think outside the box.

There is a wide range of products available for men with penises. Many butt plugs can all be used, as well as toys and toys for couples, such as penis rings that can only be worn by the owner and provide clitoral stimulation and cock rings that can be worn during intercourse. Bluetooth-enabled toys can allow both partners to take part in each other’s pleasure using a mobile phone app, making it possible for long-distance relationships to have virtual intimacy.

3. Prioritise Safety

Be sure to mention your peanut-shrimp allergy to your waiter before ordering food. They can be made in many sizes but also with different materials.

You should ensure the toy’s material is safe for your body, especially if you have to insert it. Silica is better than plastic since it is less porous and more hygienic. High-quality toys made of steel or glass are worth exploring. They can be used for many purposes, including creating new sensations like temperature play.

4. Use Lots of Lube

This is a truth we should always remember, regardless if we’re buying sex toys. Bad sex often begins with poor lubricants.

5. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Although messy and juicy are common adjectives to describe a good time in bed, they may not apply to the sex you have with sex toys.

It is vital to clean toys. Make sure to choose toys with waterproof features that are easy to clean before and after you use them. You can also use them in the bath.

6. Take Care When Choosing Your Batteries

Rechargeable toys offer more convenience than batteries-operated toys. You don’t have to keep purchasing and changing batteries. Rechargeable toys are more high-quality.

7. Use Toys Together

You could combine a clit stimulator with a beautiful glass or stainless steel dildo. Fun can also come from toys that are part of a group experience.

However, she warns that you should wash toys after sharing them with others. Make sure you use condoms with insertable toys.

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